Creating NSM/POA Forums for Experienced Reps

Development of a series of workshop “forums” delivered in person during a Q1 NSM for over 200 sales representatives. The client’s business objectives were to: Provide the field with tools and processes for strategic account planning, as well as an opportunity to share and learn from each other Ensure that existing marketing resources were being … Read more


Launch Learning System Development

Development of a complete launch curriculum for a new pre-commercial company launching a first-in class product. The curriculum includes self-study modules, exams, virtual touchpoints, launch workshops, certification, and pull-through. The client’s business objectives were to: To quickly develop a comprehensive curriculum for a new sales force, including representatives who have experience in the general therapeutic … Read more

Camping Theme

Integration of a Theme into NSM Workshops

Whole Systems’ client was seeking a fresh and energizing approach to practicing Objection Handling during workshops at their September POA. The challenge – to avoid the “not another objection handling workshop!” response from the field force.  To meet this challenge, Whole Systems created a half-day progressive workshop that used the fun theme of “Camping in … Read more


Innovation, and why it’s Important

What is Innovation? In defining innovation, Michael Vance (Dean of Disney University) once said, “Innovation is the creation of the new or the re-arranging of the old in a new way.” A recent Forbes article states that, in business, innovation can only be successful if it provides something original and is seen to produce efficiency. … Read more


Sustainable Pull-Through Podcasts for Reps

Creation of 5-6 audio podcasts that are roughly 4-5 minutes in length. The podcasts’ topics range from current sales direction, key resources and messages, market knowledge and market updates, and disease state knowledge enhancements. The podcasts feature interviews with 5 different top-performing sales representatives and are each focused on a specific topic. The client’s business … Read more


Converting NSM Workshops from Live to Virtual

Whole Systems created four 2-hour virtual workshops for a National Sales Meeting for an 80-person sales force. Originally this meeting was supposed to be 100% in person. The client’s business objectives were to: Roll out a new visual aid Provide an opportunity to practice with the resource Certify the field team’s proficiency in utilizing the … Read more


2020 may be over, but being virtual is not!

After a strange holiday season and a tumultuous January, it is just now starting to feel like a new year. With 2020 behind us we can finally begin to look forward.  While there is definitely light at the end of the tunnel, it is also true that as we close to one full year of … Read more


Virtual Engagement and the Future of Physician Access

As any sales rep will tell you, getting face time with an HCP sometimes took months of preparation and calling. Then the Coronavirus hit and business as we knew it screeched to a halt. As life and business slowly restarted, we came to rely on some new best friends — virtual meeting apps like WebEx, … Read more

Silent zoom

Unique Ways of Collaborating Socially: Silent Zoom Calls!

Social Collaboration in a virtual environment – we all do it, whether it’s Facebook or Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn – we all communicate socially through some sort of virtual platform. At work, when we can’t meet with clients or co-workers in person, we often have virtual meetings through WebEx, Zoom or GoToMeeting. So, what’s different … Read more