Launch Learning System Development


Development of a complete launch curriculum for a new pre-commercial company launching a first-in class product. The curriculum includes self-study modules, exams, virtual touchpoints, launch workshops, certification, and pull-through.


The client’s business objectives were to:

  1. To quickly develop a comprehensive curriculum for a new sales force, including representatives who have experience in the general therapeutic area but not the specific disease state
  2. To ensure all new representatives were ready to introduce the company and the product immediately upon FDA approval

Project Challenge

Development of the curriculum materials needed to begin before a Training person was in role, and simultaneously with the finalization of company processes and standards like MLR approval.

Whole Systems Solutions

Whole Systems developed a PI Study Guide and a series of 5 eLearning modules with accompanying Learner Guides. We also developed Touchpoint slide decks to review key content, as well as workshops for both the pre-launch and launch meetings. Whole Systems also created a certification for representatives at the end of the meeting and pull through for post meeting.

Key Takeaways

  • To come up to speed quickly to develop training for a precommercial client, it’s critical for us as a training partner to embed ourselves in the company to learn and align all training with marketing, medical, and sales objectives.
  • When designing launch training, it is critical to continuously ask: “What do representatives need to know and do to sell on Day 1?”


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