Creating NSM/POA Forums for Experienced Reps


Development of a series of workshop “forums” delivered in person during a Q1 NSM for over 200 sales representatives.


The client’s business objectives were to:

  1. Provide the field with tools and processes for strategic account planning, as well as an opportunity to share and learn from each other
  2. Ensure that existing marketing resources were being utilized as a key part of all account plans
  3. Confirm that the field created strategic plans in Q1 that would be revisited throughout the year

Project Challenge

Persuading sales leadership that devoting NSM time to a forum structure was a productive use of the field’s time.

Whole Systems Solutions

Instead of a more typical “review and practice the marketing resource” NSM workshop design, Whole Systems re-envisioned them as a “forum,” deliberately not using the word workshop. Representatives identified a critical account as the focus of their planning efforts. Whole Systems provided an Account Strategy Guide and call planning tools to help capture the account plan information. Representatives attended a series of “forums” where they shared their own account plans and received feedback from the group, with time to refine their plans as well.

Key Takeaways

  • Re-envisioning NSM/POA workshops as a “forum” resonated with experienced representatives, who appreciated the opportunity to hear how their peers were strategically approaching key accounts. The word “forum” is now embedded in this client’s Learning & Development culture and was pulled through 3 subsequent meetings.
  • Providing an Account Strategy Guide was critical to helping representatives “structure” the account planning process.
  • Strategic Account Planning must be implemented as an ongoing process before, during, and after live meetings, with pull-through and coaching occurring after the meetings as well.


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