Anne Baseler – Employee Focus


I direct the editorial group. That means I work with our fantastic, detail-oriented Editors on a daily basis. I also consult with the Project Managers, Writers, Instructional Designers, and Artists about work process, design, and quality control.


Taking something that is a mess and “fixing” it. This especially formatting/page design, but it’s also satisfying to sort out a twisted sentence, unkink the work process, help people understand one another, etc.


My goal is to help make our pieces as perfect as possible, within the client’s standards/guidelines and timeframe.


This is tough. I really like what I do, but if I had to switch I’d like to be an Art Dude.


I’m a huge hockey fan. My top favorite is Cornell Big Red hockey, but I’ve also been a Boston Bruins fan most of my life. During the off-season, I also like reading mysteries, shopping, and gardening.


I like them both, but as it turns out I’m fundamentally a cat person. My dog (Roxy) is great, but she can’t purr and she is not interested in sitting on my lap. On the flip side, Roxy is a pretty good companion on hockey road trips, and I love watching her run at warp speed. My current cat (Josie) HATES to travel — she complains loudly the whole time.


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