Trisha Rojas – Employee Focus


I am the Accounting Manager/Office Manager. I am responsible for managing payroll, handling all accounts receivables and accounts payables, reconciling credit cards and bank statements, month end entries, invoicing clients, insurance audits, planning events, day to day HR matters, office management functions and many other duties


I enjoy the accounting aspect of my position. Accounting has been my passion for over 20 years. My co-workers make my job easy. The culture at Whole Systems is incredible.


My position is most impactful by having an accurate bookkeeping process to help our business manage its cash flow in any project.


I would love to switch positions with our amazing CFO Hugh O’Reilly. He has a wealth of knowledge which I admire. It would be interesting to see what a top financial position in a company is like.


My favorite thing to do when not at work is to watch my kids play basketball. All five of my kids have played basketball. I am the cheerleader mom on the sideline. We love basketball in my house!


I don’t have any pets. I grew up with both dogs and cats and love them both. But if I were to pick, I would get a dog.


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