Gamification in Meeting Workshops


The client needed workshops at their National Sales Meeting and wanted to inject energy into the learning with games to increase engagement. Whole Systems integrated several different game formats, including Chess, Clue, and Candy Land elements to make the workshops fun and engaging!


The client’s business objectives were to:

  1. Provide fun, customized, reality-based practical application of concepts
  2. Ensure the training provided a mix of strategy-based discussion, practice with approved resources, and demonstrations of key knowledge and skills

Project Challenge

While senior leadership agreed that the game formats provided fun and interaction, they wanted assurances that key knowledge and skills were being applied before they gave the go-ahead for this format.

Whole Systems Solutions

Whole Systems created three 2-hour workshops based on a variety of game formats. The game structures allowed for customized versions of the workshops for three different “tracks” of field forces. The workshops had a consistent set of instructions and game layout, with scenarios and game questions customized to each specific audience. This allowed for a more efficient formal review of the materials and provided consistency in the rollout of the workshops, with materials that felt tailored and relevant for each sales force.

Key Takeaways

  • Make sure all stakeholders “buy in” to the game-based format based on their objectives for the training, and be prepared to reassure leadership that knowledge, skills application, and practice are still the focus.
  • Learners like games; a key point is to avoid overcomplicating the instructions and logistics wherever possible.

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