Top 5 Questions to Ask Marketing When They Announce a New Resource

Marketing just told you in your cross-functional meeting that they are gearing up to launch a new resource for sales reps to use with customers. As your mind starts to race about everything else that is on your list, you think about how you can implement training on this new resource. Before you settle on a solution, here are the top 5 questions you should ask Marketing as you align with them around expectations and objectives.


1. How will this resource fit in with other approved resources already in use?

It is important to confirm with Marketing if the piece is brand new to the field, or if it is an update or a replacement for a resource already in use.  If it’s an update, what is changing? Perhaps the medium is changing, such as going from a static, paper-based CVA to a digital, interactive CVA.


2. How do you intend sales representatives to use this resource?

Getting clear direction from Marketing about the intended use of the resource in the field will clarify both the marketing direction and the training direction. You will want to know if Marketing will create an Implementation Guide that provides that direction. Confirm whether Marketing will provide that guidance directly to the field somehow (via a virtual call, during a meeting, etc.) or if Training be responsible for creating that guidance.


3. Will the resource be used proactively or reactively?

Conveying the compliance and regulatory guidelines for how the piece should be used is critical.  Representatives must know when it’s appropriate to use the resource, and whether they can leave it behind with the HCP.  If it is only to be used reactively, they will need compliance direction. It is important to confirm whether that direction will come from Marketing, Training, or Compliance.


4. If the piece is launching at an upcoming meeting, will the sales force be able to see it before the meeting?

This question is especially important when planning a meeting agenda because it affects how much time to allocate to resource review, application, and practice. If the sales representatives have time to review the piece prior to the meeting, you will have more time to review their knowledge of the piece and for them to practice with each other. Of course, if marketing is not going to release it prior to the meeting, then you need to think about how much time is adequate for review and if there are fun and interactive ways to review instead of just doing a walk-through.  The practice and application you plan must take into consideration whether representatives are seeing the piece for the first time.


5. Are there new skills or knowledge that the sales representatives need to effectively use the new resource?

It is important to clarify whether there are new concepts or skills required for successful implementation of the resource. By asking this before the launch of the resource, you can find out if any other training needs to happen.  For example, you might create a backgrounder on key disease state concepts that underlie the messages in the resource, or you might need to do more extensive training on a new study or data that the resource uses. You won’t know until you ask!


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