Omnichannel Training


The client was introducing Omnichannel tools into the Veeva software that representatives used to manage their territories and call planning. Whole Systems created a blend of training materials to support the rollout.


The client’s business objectives were to:

  1. Introduce the new Omnichannel tools with clear, concise instructions and training
  2. Address concerns about what the Omnichannel tools were intended to do and how they were meant to help representatives be more effective in reaching their customers
  3. Provide an opportunity for representatives to discuss and strategize how they would use the tools with customers

Project Challenge

Representatives had many questions about the value of these tools and how they would impact everyday sales activities. To be effective, the training had to address the representatives’ knowledge and skills, as well as their attitudes about Omnichannel engagement.

Whole Systems Solutions

Whole Systems created a blend of learning materials, including a User Guide and FAQ document, and a 2-hour workshop. Representatives were taken through a series of customer scenarios using screen captures from the software with the associated Omnichannel triggers. Then, representatives discussed and strategized how they would respond and plan their calls based on the information provided (how to prioritize their time, what resources to use).

Key Takeaways

  • If Omnichannel engagement is new to the field, the training must clearly address the “what” of the tools – how they work, what things look like. It must also address the “so what” and “now what” – how will this benefit representatives in their sales activities?
  • Omnichannel training workshops can be an effective training tool, allowing representatives to strategize approaches and visualize what to do when they receive Omnichannel triggers, and providing a forum to address their concerns.

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