Innovation, and why it’s Important

What is Innovation?

In defining innovation, Michael Vance (Dean of Disney University) once said, “Innovation is the creation of the new or the re-arranging of the old in a new way.” A recent Forbes article states that, in business, innovation can only be successful if it provides something original and is seen to produce efficiency. Innovation is always about responding to change in a creative way. It is about generating new ideas, conducting R&D, improving processes, and continually revamping products and services.



How do we define it and why is it important?

This means that it also needs to become the “mindset” of your business. We try to focus on continuous improvement and constantly thinking outside the box as we respond to customer needs. At Whole Systems we define innovation as looking at current problems and unmet needs, and generating new ways of solving those problems and meeting those needs. The result could be creating something totally new, such as a Customer-Centric Framework. Another option is improving the current way of doing things, such as adding a podcast or interactive infographic to your training. You can also try utilizing new technologies to enhance training delivery. Every team member is engaged in thinking about how to innovate and bring something new to the solutions we offer.


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