Jill Seabrook – Employee Focus


My role at Whole Systems is the Director of Medical Writing. I provide Medical Writing leadership and development for multiple projects across a broad range of disease states and pharmaceutical agents. I act as a medical writing subject matter expert and work with the client-based development teams, as well as the internal writing, editorial, and IT teams to coordinate and deliver on project goals.


I love being part of the Whole Systems’ team! This is truly a great group of people to work with and I feel very lucky to be a part of it. In addition to the people, I enjoy the challenge of taking the latest clinical and pharmaceutical data and turning it into engaging training content. I loved the learning-to-teach component of grad school, and in many respects, I get to continue that for our clients.


I research and build the curriculum outline, choose the appropriate resources and content, and present the key content in a way that is engaging and effective. Along the way, I work as an interface between the customer and internal team for science-based queries and requests.


If I could switch roles for the day, I would switch with one of our “Art Dudes”, Jon or Alex. I would love to spend a day learning how to develop the beautiful medical illustrations they create for our projects.


My favorite activity outside of work—it’s a toss-up between hiking and art. I love spending the day hiking. My usual hiking playground is along the Pacific coast, from Mendocino to Santa Barbara. My most ambitious hike so far—the GR20 in Corsica, France which was one of the most challenging and beautiful experiences I’ve had. If I’m not hiking, I love to work with watercolors, photography, and encaustics. Playing with the colors, textures, and mediums of art uses a completely different set of senses and skills that I find deeply soothing and gratifying.


Dogs! I grew up with dogs and can’t imagine life without one to nudge me outside, accompany me on adventures, and make me laugh. My dog, Tally-ho, is a tricolor foxhound-lab mix who loves the beach and knows how to smile.


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