Sustainable Pull-Through Podcasts for Reps


Creation of 5-6 audio podcasts that are roughly 4-5 minutes in length. The podcasts’ topics range from current sales direction, key resources and messages, market knowledge and market updates, and disease state knowledge enhancements. The podcasts feature interviews with 5 different top-performing sales representatives and are each focused on a specific topic.


The client’s business objectives were to:

  1. To create engaging pull-through
  2. To allow representatives to hear successful strategies and tactics from their peers
  3. To help showcase top performers

Project Challenge

There is always a balance between hearing from top performers through direct interviews and
simultaneously ensuring that what they are voicing is approved by MLR, like any other training
piece. To achieve this balance, we submitted the podcast interview questions for a concept
review so the committee could provide their direction up front. Then, once we interviewed the
representatives, we submitted their answers to MLR, so when we went to record, each
representative was recording with a fully approved script.

Whole Systems Solutions

With that fully approved script in hand, Whole Systems shipped remote recording technology to each top
performer around the country to allow them to record their interview answers at home without time out of territory. Whole Systems then recorded the interview questions, added music and transitions, and edited it all together to create the finished podcasts.

Key Takeaways

  • Buy-in from sales management and training is critical in this type of project. They can help identify who should be interviewed from a sales perspective and also help get the project through MLR and implement it in the field.
  • Hearing from a variety of “voices” of their peers is valuable and motivating to experienced sales representatives.


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