Unique Ways of Collaborating Socially: Silent Zoom Calls!

Social Collaboration in a virtual environment – we all do it, whether it’s Facebook or Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn – we all communicate socially through some sort of virtual platform. At work, when we can’t meet with clients or co-workers in person, we often have virtual meetings through WebEx, Zoom or GoToMeeting.

So, what’s different now? Just. About. Everything. Prior to the Coronavirus outbreak, it was a matter of expediency to use virtual platforms. But now, it has become a necessity, and not just for the occasional meeting, but for all meetings. We are hunkered down in our homes, waiting out the storm – safe, but physically isolated from co-workers and clients.

Silent Zoom Calls!

On some days, if the isolation gets to be too much, take the time for self-care to recharge your batteries. Many online, virtual Yoga classes have sprung up to help people deal with COVID-19 stress. And we’ve all probably participated in Zoom calls, classes or virtual happy hours or game nights with family and friends.  One platform goes beyond that and offers a virtual monastic-style retreat to total silence as another alternative. Called “Silent Zoom,” it offers a silent virtual space to veg out or work without the distraction of conversation. You log in, see other people in the room, and they see you, but everyone goes about their own business, studying, reading, etc., in silence.

What’s the advantage of this?

While it may seem counter-intuitive, it’s another way to passively connect in a climate of fear and anxiety. According to The Guardian, Silent Zoom Creator Nosheen Iqbal says that “As isolation stress sets in, many find that sharing quiet online spaces is the key to boosting brainpower.”

Her growing list of attendees seems to agree, claiming that the silence is golden for focusing the mind. Furthermore, they add that seeing other people in the room lends a feeling of accountability to whatever they might be working on.

Whatever virtual platform you are using, it is more important than ever to maintain communication during these uncertain times, and unique methods of collaborating like Silent Zoom calls can help us find another *new* normal way to engage with each other.

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