Converting NSM Workshops from Live to Virtual


Whole Systems created four 2-hour virtual workshops for a National Sales Meeting for an 80-person sales force. Originally this meeting was supposed to be 100% in person.


The client’s business objectives were to:

  1. Roll out a new visual aid
  2. Provide an opportunity to practice with the resource
  3. Certify the field team’s proficiency in utilizing the resource

Project Challenge

Due to Omicron, a decision was made the Friday before the meeting that all workshops should be delivered virtually instead of in person for the meeting starting the following week.

Whole Systems Solutions

Whole Systems pivoted to create a virtual version of the workshops and all support materials in 2 business days. Activity instructions were modified to include virtual breakouts and interaction. Whole Systems also ran 2 additional TTT sessions with the managers to ensure they were prepared to facilitate virtually.

Key Takeaways

When converting existing live training workshops to virtual delivery:

  • Virtual workshops do not need to be conducted on the same schedule as live training. One benefit
    of virtual delivery is that the workshops can be spread out over time — in this case, across 2 weeks after the original planned meeting time.
  • Create more handouts for when participants are in breakouts, as they may not be able to see the screen for activity instructions.
  • Consider developing both live and virtual versions simultaneously going forward.